Sunday, 25 September 2016

Smile please.. :)

Whenever we are in trouble ,we start blaming the one whom we have seen first when we got up in the morning. (I see myself in the mirror daily to avoid it ). Does really a face decides the incidents of your life..?
(I doubt..)

Its you ,only you who is responsible for and to your life.Life is not same everyday. Problems rise and fall. It happens with every single person on this planet. You are not special.but Why does it happen to me always?. This question bothers us oftenly..

You can not escape from being sad and sadly its true...Everyone has lots of dreams in life and one makes every single effort to achieve it .. But its not that don't win all the time.

Failure enters in your life without your starts killing your positivity ,hope ,energy feel shy, dishearten,alone sometimes..

But do you know there is someone who's with you all the time.. Hidden but powerful.. It can heal all your sorrows, failures, negativity.. Make you happy and look beautiful..

Just do one thing.. Stand in front of the mirror..and
my friend

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