Sunday, 25 September 2016

Smile please.. :)

Whenever we are in trouble ,we start blaming the one whom we have seen first when we got up in the morning. (I see myself in the mirror daily to avoid it ). Does really a face decides the incidents of your life..?
(I doubt..)

Its you ,only you who is responsible for and to your life.Life is not same everyday. Problems rise and fall. It happens with every single person on this planet. You are not special.but Why does it happen to me always?. This question bothers us oftenly..

You can not escape from being sad and sadly its true...Everyone has lots of dreams in life and one makes every single effort to achieve it .. But its not that don't win all the time.

Failure enters in your life without your starts killing your positivity ,hope ,energy feel shy, dishearten,alone sometimes..

But do you know there is someone who's with you all the time.. Hidden but powerful.. It can heal all your sorrows, failures, negativity.. Make you happy and look beautiful..

Just do one thing.. Stand in front of the mirror..and
my friend

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Are you Happy?

Hi! Hey you!!yes you !I know you are reading this.Are you happy with your life? I mean the way you look, the way your life is running , the way your family members are..the way you are doing your job.. Etc.etc..
Are you saying 'Yes'.. Naaa!!!! I don't believe you because I know you are not at all happy.

You have so many complains with the way everything is going around. Oh god ! Could not you make me little taller? Ooohh why is she so pretty,not me?
Why do parents ask so many questions.. And the famous one..'My boss sucks..'.๐Ÿ˜‹

Have you ever thought where the complains come from?
Complaints come from our uncountable demands .. You want everything to run according to your wish but don't want to do anything without your interest.. ..this situation leads to dissatisfaction which results in complains..

In all the process.. You loose the charm of the forget to fall in love with yourself.. You miss the chance to be close to your family.. You fail to enjoy the little pleasures of your life.
All in all you start hating your life.

Wait...look what you have got...
Like what you have.. Love the people around you (if they are lovable)..

You will be mesmerised with your life.

Take care!!

Swati kya sochti hai..

Hi! Mera naam Swati hai.. Mai 29saal ki hoon aur baba bholenath k shahr banaras me rhti hoon. Mujhe padhna aur likhna bht pasand hai.. Aur isiliye aaj mai ye likh rhi noon.

Har cheez ko dekhne ka nazaria har kisi ka alag hota hai...Apne bare me kahu to mai bht sochti hoon chhoti se chhoti bat aur badi se badi bhi...

Har kisi ki tarah Meri bhi hr baat ko leke ek nazaria hai ,ek rai hai jiske bare me mai likhna chahti hoon.
Yha bhasha ka koi bandhan nhi hai..
 เคนिเคจ्เคฆी, เคญोเคœเคชुเคฐी aur English jiska prayog uchit lgega kiya jayega.. Na hi koi set pattern hai.. Article, kahani ,kavita hr roop me mai apni bat kahti hoon. Kuch mitron ne mujhe likhne ka sujhav diya aur mai generally dosto ki bate avoid nhi krti.
 Ummeed hai Meri yekoshish rang layegi..

Aaj k liye bas itna hi..